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Palville Apartments - a place for your relaxation
They are located in Solunska Street and it is very easy to reach them from the highway.
Palville Apartments are located in the very heart of Palić Spa and represent a completely new concept in Palić's offer. A real pearl amidst the spas of renowned voice and long tradition. Read more about Palic on the following link.
The apartments are in the immediate vicinity of the lake, the center of Palić, restaurants, and at the same time soured and away from the large roads. They have guarded parking, fenced ramps. All apartments are two-bedroom.
The entrance is independent on the outside of the apartment. It enters the living room, which is equipped with a seating set with a stretch function and is also used as an extra bed. In addition, the apartments have a built-in kitchen with all necessary elements, a built-in panel with two rings, a fridge, a sink, air conditioning.
Depending on the level of the apartments, the living room can have an exit leading directly to the pool for the ground floor apartments, otherwise it has a terrace and above the pool.
Palville Apartments are bright and spacious. The bathroom is large with a corner bathtub with a very harmonious and modernly decorated interior and each has a hairdryer.

Solunska, Palić
+381 60 / 3344-720, +381 24 / 754-695
2 two-room apartments
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Solunska, Palić

+381 60/3344-720, +381 24/754-695

3 two-room apartments

12 person